The Big Butt

The Big Butt Surf Kayak combines the performance desired by experienced paddlers with the forgiveness, predictability and comfort suitable for newcomers and those wishing to advance their surf skills. We have found that when surfing it is very forgiving, although it does not compromise on speed or performance. Our testers have all been pleased with the performance and quality of the kayak as a whole. the increased deck volume allows for increased leg room making the big butt very comfortable when waiting for the next set.


- Minicell foam backrest
- Minicell block footrest (fitted to the individual)
- Moulded foam seat with hip pad kit
- Full set of CJB composite fins
- Composite thigh brace kit (fitted to the individual)
- Higher volume deck for increased leg room


Length - 2.42m
Width - 0.66m
Weight - See construction page
Cockpit - Keyhole Spraydeck
Paddler Weight - 75-105kg

See The Big Butt in Action